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My mother Razija’s cancer battle began when she was diagnosed with Leukemia in October of 2017. She went through a chemotherapy treatment in Boise, ID. The chemo was not effective and she was told she needed a bone marrow transplant. She had a few center options but it was best for her to come to Phoenix to the Mayo clinic since I live here and could help her out. I myself needed help as this is a tough battle for her to go through. I reached out to American Cancer Society for available resources in Phoenix that might help with transportation, caregiving, housing and any other help we could get. I was referred to PCSN. I emailed Jenny to schedule a time to talk about what kind of help was offered through PCSN. Jenny was friendly and compassionate and seemed like she really cared about helping people going through this cancer battle. I got this feeling from our first conversation. She offered to help my mom by providing some caregiving while I was at work. She had Susy keep in touch with me to coordinate. I reached out to Susy and Jenny after my mom had her bone marrow/stem cell transplant with the dates I would need help with a caregiver to cover for me.

PCSN was able to provide help for a week and this was huge for me. I appreciated any help I could get. Susy and Jenny are wonderful and this organization is wonderful. Everything they do makes a difference. It is nice to know that there is a resource available with people who truly care. My mom loved meeting Jenny and wanted to keep in touch with her after. Jenny keeps in touch with me and asks how my mom is doing. My mother and I are fortunate to come across PCSN and the compassionate people in that organization.