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Earlier this year it became apparent that my wife, Angelina, was going to be staying by herself at The Cancer Treatment Center of America. I became concerned since my job required that I stay home in New York and we had few friends or family in Arizona. I reached out to the American Cancer Society of Phoenix to see if they could provide some local sense of companionship and help Angelina make visits to the health food store and nutritional juice bars (essential survival minimums for New Yorkers). While they could offer no assistance, they gave me the phone number of Phoenix Cancer Support Network.

During her four-month stay at CTCA, Jenny and Cindy Berg were always there for Angelina. They provided kindness and assistance for which Angelina and I will be forever grateful.

I called Jenny Martin and explained our predicament. To my immediate relief I discovered that Jenny’s father was Dr. Weber, a gastroenterologist at CTCA, part of the team charting Angelina’s treatment. I was with Angelina during her first meeting with Dr. Weber, I was struck by his straightforward manner combined with genuine compassion. Jenny explained that her sister had died from cancer shortly after beginning her first semester of college in Arizona.

Phoenix Cancer Support Network is the response of the Weber family’s experience with the grief and frustration that a cancer diagnosis can bring.”