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When you have cancer and have had your surgery, your chemo and have started your radiation you realize people aren’t around much anymore. They’re tired of you being sick and honestly tired of the whole ordeal. Needless to say, they have no idea that your journey is just beginning.

My daughter messaged me one day as I was leaving a radiation session. She said that ACS had just informed her that my ride that day was my last to be provided by them. She assured me that she’d come up with a new plan. With her living out of town it made things difficult.

What happened turned out to be one of the most wonderful things that I encountered with my cancer battle. I was introduced to Jenny, the founder PCSN. She immediately provided me with rides to the rest of my treatments and to my doctors’ appointments. God sent all of you. There was no other help when you came along.

After meeting Jenny, I was told that I would also receive a gift certificate for groceries each month. That was an unexpected life saver too. I had been shopping on $75-$80 per month. I could finally breathe. Needless to say, in my eyes PCSN literally saved my life! They care, they really do. They also restored my faith in mankind. Bless everyone involved. I can’t thank you enough.”