PCSN Company Profile

Founded in 2016, Phoenix Cancer Support Network is a non-profit organization lead by a group of physicians, healthcare administrators and other professionals whose passion for cancer care has come from a common bond. Each of our founding members has been personally touched by cancer.  Through each unique journey, we have learned that a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming, confronting the patient with an information overload which can be difficult to manage and navigate. Phoenix Cancer Support Network endeavors to empower clients throughout their cancer journey by providing support, guidance, and direction while promoting and protecting the unique needs, lifestyle and abilities of each patient and their caregivers.

PCSN Services Include:

  • Locate specialists in a particular oncology
  • Researching latest treatment options
  • Researching integrative therapy options
  • Finding clinical trial sources
  • Helping with questions to ask health care providers specific to diagnosis
  • Organizing medical records/bills
  • Identifying support groups
  • Provide clients with domestic needs and meal service support
  • Locate reduced attorney for wills/estate planning
  • Patient/caregiver transportation to and from as well as and management of medical appointments
  • Assist cancer patients currently undergoing treatment with non-medical expenses when the cost of prolonged medical care creates a financial hardship