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PCSN News for April


Dear Friends,

I hope this email finds you well, healthy and safe. Just like you, I never could have imagined our current situation happening outside of a Hollywood movie set, yet here we are.

I find myself thinking about how grateful I am that my family isn’t facing cancer through this time. However, countless families already faced with cancer are now scrambling to figure out how to keep an already compromised immune system free from this new virus, COVID-19. Patients who are in active treatment are scared to go to their chemo or radiation appointments let alone to the grocery store. People who have recently finished treatment are scared to go get their 3, 6, or 12-month scans to make sure their cancer hasn’t reoccurred. These people, our people are vulnerable and scared.

PCSN is committed to continuing to support cancer patients during this unprecedented time. We are still sending Instacart gift cards so people can have groceries delivered, providing safe transportation options to patients who need to get to their doctors’ appointments, and sending masked and gloved cleaning professionals into their homes to clean and disinfect for those too sick to do it for themselves.

We continue to receive calls from the local cancer centers such as the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network and Arizona Oncology about newly diagnosed patients who need our help. It is my promise to keep fighting on their behalf in honor of my sister, Annie.

Any financial assistance you can provide is so appreciated and as always, will go directly to serving cancer patients and their families.

Please keep yourselves protected and continue to share your love with the world form a safe distance.

With love,

Jenny Martin
CEO & Founder
Phoenix Cancer Support Network

Click on the image below to donate or text AZGIVES to 44321

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Thank You United Petroleum Transports: Justin’s Story

Justin completed chemo on Dec. 2nd of 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited! Justin’s father was touched by our mission and the help we were able to provide, so gave back in an extraordinary way. His place of work, United Petroleum Transports awards nonprofit organizations through the UPT Family Fund, and this year Justin’s father nominated PCSN. Our work and dedication was recognized, and PCSN was chosen as this year’s recipient! We were given a $10,000 check so that we can continue what we do best. We are so grateful to have had an impact in Justin and his family’s life. Thank you United Petroleum Transports CEO Greg Price!

Click on the image below to watch the video of Justin ringing the bell after his last round of chemotherapy in December, 2019!

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We want to thank everyone from Phoenix Knife Fight who donated money and bought t-shirts and raffle tickets to help us raise money for those in need. It is people like you guys who help keep us going! Congrats to the winners Chef David Duarte and Mixologist Max Berlin! We cannot wait until next season.

Click here to donate or text AZGIVES to 44321
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Bike. Breathe. Believe.

Read the story of Isabella de la Houssaye below!

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Lung cancer survivor and mother of 5, Isabella de la Houssaye biked across the country to raise money for lung cancer!

Lung cancer takes the lives of 158,000 Americans a year, making it the leading cause of cancer deaths by far. Lung cancer causes more deaths than breast, prostate, colon, liver and bladder cancers combined.

Click on her picture above to visit her website & learn more about her inspiring story.

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