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Sustainability- “avoidance of depletion of natural resources
maintaining ecological balance.” The goal of
“sustainability” is tangential to the mission of
Phoenix Cancer Support Network (PCSN) to empower
clients throughout their cancer journey while promoting and
protecting the unique needs of patients and their caregivers. PCSN
takes its commitment to sustaining the community very seriously, as
evidenced by Jenny Martin, PCSN founder and CEO.

“We believe in a holistic concept of support with a watchful eye
toward not only our clients and their caregivers, but the
community as a whole,” she says. “By identifying and filling in the
gaps that exist in the cancer support space, we are
able to partner with existing resources to build a sustainable
environment for the entire community.”

In facing the challenges raised by the coronavirus pandemic,
PCSN has made the ecologically and socially responsible decision
to add a virtual component to its 2020 Friendraiser planned for Sat.,
Aug. 15, 2020. By reducing travel to the event, limiting printed
materials, and cutting back on decor, PCSN will reduce the
amount of waste associated with a live event while reaching an
even wider audience.

PCSN proudly provides organic cleaning services from their
partner AZ Uber Clean. This environmentally beneficial service is
greatly appreciated by its clients, who are often hypersensitive to
chemicals due to cancer treatments.

PCSN provides free support and advocacy to clients and their
families while they undergo cancer treatment. This includes
safely providing nutritious meals and groceries for patients and
their families, a growing need amid the
coronavirus pandemic. PCSN recently partnered with The Joy Bus to provide fresh, healthful meals to even more homebound
cancer patients. Through this partnership,The Joy Bus has been
able to expand its reach to cancer patients outside of its immediate
service area.

“PCSN is extremely grateful to The Joy Bus for allowing us to
provide their fresh, organic, specially curated meals to our clients.
While undergoing chemo, it is important to focus on nutrition, and
this is oneway we can help accomplish that,” says Martin.

PCSN hopes to continue this earth-friendly, pandemic­ inspired format for future events. To help make these initiatives a
success in helping those who really need a hand, contact

As a nonprofit organization, PCSN strives to remove some of
the daily burdens that become overwhelming obstacles to
cancer patients and their families. They are dedicated to
providing free support, assistance, advocacy and guidance to
those undergoing cancer treatment. Founded in 2017, they assist
clients with the various daily tasks that accompany a cancer
diagnosis. PCSN services include meal support, transportation
to medical appointments, housekeeping,
second opinions, collating medical records, financial support and
even dog walking. Since its inception in 2017, PCSN has served over 220
clients in various capacities.

Andrea Kramer Dias is a seasoned marketing and PR consultant and a
NY transplant whose roots include entertainment PR, tour management,
and marketing. She proudly serves Phoenix Cancer Support Network
as its director of marketing and PR, provides support for Musically Fed’s
media efforts and other clients. She loves providing unique, effective,
and efficient results for her clients, and makes her home in Scottsdale
with her husband, young son,and two entitled standard poodles.

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