“It was at that moment that I realized that, best case scenario, this was a lymphoma and, alternatively, it could be much worse.”

Without warning, as often happens with cancer patients and their caregivers, everything in my life “changed on a dime.” It’s appropriate then, for my 1st entry into the Phoenix Cancer Support Network monthly blog, to give a short accounting as to how I became involved with this wonderful organization. As a practicing gastroenterologist in the…

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advice from cancer survivor

‘I couldn’t imagine dying.’

If you met me today you wouldn’t have any idea that I lost my eighth rib and that my spine had been reconstructed with rods, brackets and several cages. While I will never wear low V-back dresses again or take up golf or skiing, I am healthy and life has never been better. At 68…

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smoothie ideas for cancer patients

5 Smoothie Recipes for Cancer Patients

Who doesn’t like a smoothie? They are convenient and delicious. But for someone undergoing treatment for cancer, a smoothie is an especially great choice. When you’re not feeling at your best and your appetite may be waning, a smoothie is a great way to take in some vital nutrients and stay hydrated – super important…

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